As massive Hugh Jackman fans we're chomping at the bit to see what's in store for the upcoming Les Miserables; Hollywood actors like we've never seen them before - singing, acting and donned in rags for what's being touted as one of the finest musical to movie adaptations of our time. We reported just a few days ago on the screening in NYC's Lincoln centre that wrapped to a ten minute standing ovation, which, in a room full of some of the world's most prolific critics, is no mean feat.

Some of the film's most high profile cast and crew were out in force last night for the Tokyo premiere. First you have director Tom Hooper who's on one helluva a winning streak since directing the Oscar winning The King's Speech and celebrated producer Cameron Mackintosh. Then you've got our pal Hugh Jackman, who never fails to look anything other than sprightly and up for the craic. What a legend. Then you have Anne Hathaway who, still rocking that pixie mane, looks as fresh faced as the day I met her to talk about her role in The Dark Knight Rises. Joining Hugh and Anne was fellow cast member Amanda Seyfried who plays the beautiful Cosette in the film adaptaion of Victor Hugo's widely acclaimed story. And

Excited? Us too. The pics below ought to tide you over ;)