You'd swear last night's Skyfall premiere was one big audition for the next Bond girl; the dresses and the poses were mighty. We vote Bar Rafaeli for Daniel Craig's next femme fatale. Look at this demonstration of a hair swish? Either give her a Bond role or at least a Loreal shampoo advert. She's totally worth it. Then again, Javier Bardem's missus - Penelope Cruz - wouldn't do a bad job either, should the 24th Bond flick send him somewhere off the coast of Spain. Loving her ponytail and pixie fringe.  Oh and Kelly Brook too, just wowzers. Then there were those who tried a bit too hard, see Helen McRory's bridal effort and Shirley Eaton Royal's OTT shoulder accessory (what the hell is it, a scarf? A rug? Who knows).

No prizes for guessing who wins Worst Dressed at the Skyfall premiere. Oh Katie Price, we're assuming you won't have realised how AWFUL that concealear under your eyes is until you see these pics. And don't get us started on the outfit. She's probably just showing some sluttly upper thigh now that she's single again.

Bond girl Berenice Marlohe's scarlett number blends unfortunately into the red carpet (what's the number one rule on a RED carpet? No red. Simples) but still, she's a total ride. Other Bond girl Naomie Harris gets it wrong with a mermaid-esque bodice, complete with black overlay. It's more circus performer than Bond girl if you ask us. The one Bond girl who got it spot on however, was Dame Judi Dench. She earns our Best Dressed title in this pale blue and white floor length ensemble. Well played, Judi, well played.

As for the men? Well there's Daniel Craig looking as daper as always in a fancy navy on black penguin suit. Who does he think he is, James Bond? Pffft (I'll get my coat). Javier Bardem charms the ladies in his satin-lapelled tuxedo - we're delighted to see he's ditched his creepy blonde villain hairdo - while new kid on the block Ben Wishaw ('Q') rocks some hipstery velvet on the red carpet. We just want to eat him up, so cute!

Skyfall hits Irish cinemas this Friday (check out our review here) and we'll have a James Bond Movie Show special for you come Thursday morning. You do not want to miss this week's movie show; we're giving away the most amazing prize ever! Stay tuned to if you like iPad shaped things.