The Metro are this morning reporting that Peter Kay and Colin Farrell will star in a buddy cop movie, to be shot in Ireland.

According to the free daily that makes every commuter's journey go by that bit faster, the film will be called National Task Force and also star Colm Meaney, Pauline McLynn and Keith Duffy. Co-writer Anthony Whelan has apparently secured 60% of the funding needed which would, even at best, make this optimistic sounding production sound a long way off.

I'd love to see an Irish action movie with our most talented thespians hamming it up in slow motion shootouts. But I'm just not buying that story. Farrell's name feels attached for the sake of it; and even if he or Kay did come on board, I'd be shocked if they were starring roles. We're more likely to see Keith Duffy branding two 9mm guns I reckon. I hope I'm wrong, because it does sound like a bit of fun.