The stunning Penelope Cruz is allegedly being considered to star in the next Bond movie, which goes against the age-old grain of positioning women in their 20s next to oul James. It would make for a nice change, don'tcha think?

At this stage Bond might want to consider pursuing a woman in and around his own age. Plus, who says women in their 40s aren't as hot as women in their 20s? In fact, with more life experience under their belts, they're probably even sexier.

Though no casting has yet to be done - sure they haven't even confirmed the 24th movie's director (but we're hoping it's Sam Mendes again) - the folk at E! (who bring us this report) are hoping there's some truth behind such speculation and so are we.

Her fella's (Javier Bardem) already done a stellar job portraying one of the best Bond villains yet in Raoul Silva and we reckon she'd take to the role of a Bond girl like white on rice.

Who else would you like to see do their thang on Bond 24?