For whatever reason, (mostly because of the rumours that she's an absolute nightmare to work with) people tend not to be overly sentimental of Katherine Heigl. Hear the name Jennifer Aniston and you think 'America's Sweetheart' and other such descriptions that have been emblazoned on such a celebrity's head, but ask someone what springs to mind when they think of Heigl, and you'll mostly be met with 'meh'.

Anyhoo, actor Patrick Wilson wants us all to stop being so mean and give the girl a break. Starring together in North of Hell, a comedy, Wilson has taken it upon himself to turn the tide against the actress who earned herself a crappy reputation after allegedly giving everyone on Life As We Know It film set a pain in their posteriors.

In a recent article, Heigl has been once more the target for badmouthing, described as 'difficult' and 'hard to work with', to which Wilson responds (to the Huffington Post) by saying:

"Now listen, this article that came out was because - and you know how the press works - she sold a show last week to NBC. Well, great! So what do people do? Hey, let's rip her down a few days later. So they write this article about Grey's Anatomy. We're still talking about when she left Grey's Anatomy how many years ago? We all have reputations, whether they're true or not."

On their recent collaboration, Wilson said: "She was not only not all of those things - 'Oh, she was late and never came out of the trailer'... Nothing. She showed up, worked her tail off, super funny, super gracious, great to the cast, great to the crew, and was a total pro. Someone that's been doing it forever... And you walk away and you go, well that's a great actress and a great person to work with. And I'd work again with her in a heartbeat. So I have to defend her because she couldn't have been a better experience."

Well, he told us!