Pacific Rim: Uprising made history this passing weekend by knocking 6-week champ, Black Panther off of the top of the North American box-office.

The $150 million production took a so so $28 million in its opening 3 days, while Black Panther fell to $16.6 million. Cry not for the highest grossing Marvel production, folks, as it now has a running total of $631 million. 

'Rim 2' will likely follow in the footsteps of the first film, which did OK domestically ($100 million) but made coin abroad - particularly in Asia, where they love giant robots and monsters knocking the shite out of each other on screen.

Elsewhere Sherlock Gnomes struggled with $10.6 million, Patrick Schwarzenegger's first star vehicle, Midnight Sun, bombed, Unsane did OK for a film made on an iPhone 7 and Christian flick I Can Only Imagine is making that sweet, sweet Jesus moolah.

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One drops next week, so eyes will be on the great directors latest big-budget opus, based on the popular novel.

Via BO Mojo