Pacific Rim is one of those summer blockbusters you just won't want to miss, and what with it hitting cinema screens today the good folks at Warner Brothers have figured that there's no better time to present Ireland's winning Jaeger - as voted by the readers of - to the world.

You might remember that we gave your the chance to pick your favourite Kaiju killin mean machine with an Irish twist earlier this month, so here's your winner.

The Abbot, as imagined by Danelo, is the Jaeger who really caught your eye, and sure why wouldn't he when he's defending the Cliffs of Moher? They reached the finals of the modern day Wonders of the World competition, so you'd have to be keeping them safe from the old Kaiju now lads. Here's the man himself, hard at work on his creation.

Pacific Rim is in Irish cinemas from today, July 12th.