The yellow brick road hit Leicester Square last night as Mila Kunis, James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Zach Braff lined out for the UK premiere of Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Disney's latest live action offering sees Franco star as the wizard himself, Oscar Diggs, and takes us on the journey that brought him to the magical land of Oz in the first place. He comes across Kunis, Weisz and Williams, our lovely witches, but from the off it ain't quite clear which witch is which? There's a delicate mix of the good, the bad and the wicked...

Our very own Caroline Foran jetted off to London town this morning to catch up with the cast and director Sam Raimi (We're positively green with envy here in the office for a variety of reasons - the girl/guy crushes on Kunis have NOTHING to do with it whatsoever). Check back next week to see how she got on when she sat down for a chat with Mila and co.

Oz The Great And Powerful hits Irish cinemas on Friday March 8th.