As Deadpool continues to buck trends for a February film and smashes all sorts of box-office records, it's clear that Deadpool has finally crossed over into the mainstream.

It's not hugely unexpected, to be honest, as most comic-book fans have known that Deadpool - as a character, anyway - is hugely funny and entertaining, just like the film itself. In fact, fans are so certain that Deadpool can continue to entertain audiences that they want Ryan Reynolds, in character as Deadpool, to host SNL.

A petition on has hit a whopping 20,095 signatures as of writing with the plan being that Deadpool should take on MC duties for a night. It wouldn't be the first time someone's hosted SNL in character, either.

Offbeat comedian Andy Kaufman was known for reinventing himself with new characters and turned up on SNL 'in character', but nobody's done it in character such as this. It'll be interesting to see if anything comes of it, primarily because Lorne Michaels is known for disliking acts and personalities that he can't control and Deadpool is, by definition, completely chaotic.

Plus, SNL's quite strict on colourful language so there's almost no possibility of Deadpool having any kind of his trademark NSFW quips here either. As of right now, Ryan Reynolds and SNL have yet to respond, but here's hoping something comes of it.

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