Shoot 'Em Up was a film I thoroughly enjoyed, despite a minuscule marketing push and subsequent death at the box-office. Its tongue firmly pressed against its cheek, it brought the action film back to its roots - with added carnage. Well, its director Michael Davis had previously been hot stuff after a bidding war for rights to his script took place, but returned to direct-to-dvdville for his last effort. Now, he's signed on to helm a big budget adaptation of the Sean Connery science fiction flick, Outland. The original film centred on the Marshall of Jupiter's Moon, who discovers some dodgy goings on in the mining colony there. It then turns into High Noon in space, with lots of action and exploding stuff. Good times. No cast has yet been set, but this could be a right proper laugh with a similarly beefy hard bastard in the lead role. Jason Statham anyone?