The weekend is once again upon us. Though for many, it started yesterday with the 17.59pm toast to that Arthur fella. Anyhoo, as the clock strikes 5 this evening, what will you be seeing in the cinema? Well if we could recommend one new release above all others, it would have to be Looper. Touted widely as the best action movie of the year, we also think this flick deserves a nod for its cerebral brilliance too. Check out our review here. If babies getting punched in the face is more your thing, then The Campaign is where you want to be. While it might not be the greatest offering from the house of Will Ferrrell, there's certainly laughs to be had. Then for some nonsensical action, you've got Resident Evil: Retribution. However if you'd prefer to veer off the mainstream, there's always Barbara and Kylie Minogue's flick, Holy Motors. Lastly, you have Untouchable; a French comedy which centres on the subject of disability.

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Happy Friday peeps!