As we've previously noted, this year's Oscars hasn't exactly been the smoothest and tonight's ceremony is probably going to be a disaster.

A disaster, mind, that we'll be picking apart tomorrow morning. For now, we're running through our final predictions and letting you know how to watch the festivities.



For starters, expect there to be major upsets.

If this entire awards season has proven anything, it's that predictions are made to be subverted. Case in point, the inexplicable fall of 'A Star Is Born', the utter travesty of 'If Beale Street Could Talk' and 'First Reformed' getting nowhere near Best Picture, and the sheer madness that is 'Bohemian Rhapsody' being in the middle of it.

So, on to predictions.

Here and now, we are calling Glenn Close to win Best Actress, Rami Malek for Best Actor, and 'Roma' to win Best Picture. As best as can be traced from the wins at BAFTA, the Golden Globes and last night's Independent Spirit Awards, that looks to be the lie of the land.

It's not just us saying it, either. Paddy Power currently has 'Roma' to win Best Picture at 1/2 odds, whilst 'The Favourite' is down for 17/1 to win.

Further down the list, it's more open to speculation. Regina King is the favourite to win Best Supporting Actress for 'If Beale Street Could Talk', and Mahershala Ali is likely to win Best Supporting Actor for 'Green Book'. You might hopefully see Robbie Ryan pick up a Best Cinematography Oscar for his work on 'The Favourite', although the feeling is that Alfonso Cuaron is going to win for 'Roma'.

Of course, this entire awards season has been a mess from start to finish, the ceremony's going to be just as bad, and it could end up that something totally unexpected will win out on the night.



Well, you've got two options. Option one is you go to bed at a reasonable hour, wake up first thing tomorrow and get all the coverage right here on this website, complete with analysis, a full lists of winners, and all the red carpet photos as well.

We'll call that the sensible option. (wink)

If you like watching three-hour ceremonies of rich people fawning over one another, then you can watch the whole thing on Sky Cinema, with red carpet coverage on E! starting at 10PM and running up until 12.30AM. The ceremony itself kicks at 1AM and will run up until 4AM or thereabouts.

Of course, RTE 2 will also be broadcasting the highlights of the night on Monday night at 9.30PM, so you can also watch that as well.



Buddy, you're asking the wrong people here.

The wider question is what does artistic contribution merit award in the first place? Shouldn't it be for its own reward, as opposed to the external validation of others? What about the nature of commercial success versus critical success? Is one more valid than the other, simply because one induces financial gain and the other is the respectability of peers? Can the two coalesce and still be considered a genuine attempt to render a singular piece of art? Has the Oscars lost its credibility with all its attempts at modernisation? Did it ever have credibility in the first place?

Sorry, it's been a long awards season. Just glad that it's finally over.