By now most of you will have seen the movie with the third biggest box office opening EVER, beaten only by the last Harry Potter movie and of course, The Avengers. If you haven't yet seen The Dark Knight Rises, get your ass to a cinema NOW before some idiot spoils it for you.

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of catching up with not just some of the cast of this movie but also the man behind the camera, Mr. Christopher Nolan. Chris spoke to me about how he feels to finally close the book on such an enormously successful and significant franchise, whether or not he's really done with it and what it was like to finally see his vision where Christian Bale's Batman meets his match in Tom Hardy's Bane on set.

I also sat down with the legend that is Morgan Freeman who shared stories of Chris Nolan's directing techniques, not to mention his affinity for Earl Grey Tea, and why he believes Batman resonates so well with audiences. And then there was the shockingly beautiful Anne Hathaway who spoke to me about stepping into that iconic catsuit and her recent eclectic mix of movie choices. We'll see her next opposite another of my favourites, Hugh Jackman, in Les Miserables.

The Oscar winning Marion Cotillard was there too to explain what kind of role it will take to get her to sign on for and how exciting it was to work once more with Christian Bale since they starred together in Public Enemies. Last but not least I was lucky enough to sit down in the company of one of the greatest actors working right now, Joseph Gordon Levitt, who spoke to me about how it's always about the script and never the budget for him and his production company HitRECORD among other things. I fancied the pants off him too.

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