We're used to seeing her fending off the fellas in films but now Ireland's golden girl is getting, err, up close and personal with one of her co-stars. Yup, Saoirse Ronan, our lovely little Oscar nominee, is growing up.

Her next big role is in Stephanie Meyer's The Host, a movie in which Ms Ronan plays a teenager battling with an alien life-form that's trying to take over her body. But that not all she's battling, wha? She's also got the difficult task of playing opposite the rather handsome Max Irons and Jake Abel. Life's so unfair sometimes.

Three new posters for The Host have been released and one in particular caught our attention. Things between our Saoirse and Max Irons (yes, son of Jeremy Irons) are looking a bit intense;. Sure they wouldn't look out of place on the front cover of a Mills and Boon novel.

The Host hits Irish cinemas on March 29th.