If you want to see Nicolas Cage huffing LSD-laced cocaine and murdering people with a giant axe called The Beast to the sounds of '80s doom metal for two-plus hours, you're going to have to either travel to Galway or Dublin to scratch that particular itch.

Cage's latest film, 'Mandy', is opening in just two cinemas in Ireland - the Lighthouse Cinema here in Dublin, and Pálas Cinema over in Galway - and that's pretty much it. Panos Cosmatos' action-horror is currently winning rave reviews on its release in the US, with many people claiming it's Nicolas Cage's best movie in years.

UPDATE (18:49) Lighthouse Cinema were on, and were good enough to inform us that the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork is also showing 'Mandy', so you've no excuse to go see it if you're down south.


If this trailer doesn't sell it to you, nothing really will. Our review of 'Mandy' goes live on Thursday.