Whether you loved it or hated it, there's one thing we can all hopefully agree on - Domhnall Gleeson as the twisted, maniacal, cartoon villain General Hux was one of the film's highlights.

For an actor who's known for making such subtle and nuanced performances, to see him go full hilt and roll his Rs like Peter Cushing was really something. In an interview with IMDb at Sundance, Gleeson revealed that one key scene between his character, General Hux, and Adam Driver - who played everyone's favourite emo, Kylo Ren - was done at his insistence. Spoilers ahead, obviously

In the scene where Kylo Ren was knocked out following the explosion of The Supremacy, there's a brief scene where Hux is about to draw his pistol to kill Ren before he can stand up, but when he sees him stirring, he decides against it.

"That was the one moment I asked Rian for in the movie," explained Gleeson. As he tells it, the idea because his character "is like a kicked dog for the whole movie, he just keeps on getting thrown into stuff and bullied, and I was like, I wouldn’t like people to forget that he’s also a really nasty piece of work and could have an effect on the way things move forward."

Good call, Domhnall. Good call.


Via IMDb