Coming at you like a cute puppy in need of a hug this weekend are:

The Chick Flick

Step Mom: Friday, 9.35pm, RTE1
I you happen to be in possession of male genitalia, then frankly the thought of sitting through this Julia Roberts/Susan Sarandon starrer alone may send you into a man-spasm not seen since The Premiership ended and The Sex and the City movie opened in the same week. But, if you like your weepies then this one is a must, as Roberts plays the titular Step Mother to Ed Harris and Sarandon’s offspring. At first resentment is rampant, but darn it if they don’t all start to get along. Climaxing in barrage of tears that will have you sobbing into your pillow come bed time, this is less feel good and more feel shit. Still, who doesn’t love a good cry!?

The Bloke Watch

Almost Famous: Sunday, BBC1, 10.20pm
This film from Jerry Maguire writer/director Cameron Crowe is a genuine classic, that doesn’t get old no matter how many times you rewatch it. A young, aspiring journalist played by Patrick Fugit gets to go on tour with his favourite band Stillwater, soon befriending his rock star heroes. But he’s caught up in their personal lives and falls for an endearing and beautiful groupie, played by a never-better Kate Hudson. An excellent coming of age film, come road movie, which boasts a predictably stunning soundtrack and all round brilliant performances. That bus rendition of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer is still one of the most memorable musical moments in recent celluloid history.

For The Kids

The Shaggy Dog: Saturday, 6.35pm, RTE1
RTE’s weekly kiddie fest offers up Tim Allen vehicle that co-stars a pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jnr. Allen is somehow transferred to the body of a shaggy dog, and well much high jinx and pissing up against grown men’s legs ensue. Worth watching for Downey, it’s generally not as awful as you think and should keep the offspring quiet while you watch some unfortunate murder "ain’t no mountain high enough" on X-Factor. If only someone would put Tim Allen down humanely...