The gorgeous Olivia Wilde (I seen her in a corridor once, she's awfully attractive) will play 1970s supermodel Suzy Miller in director Ron Howard's Formula 1 movie, Rush, reports

According to the same website, Russell Crowe is being approached to play Richard Burton, in what would amount to a cameo, in the same film which will centre on the rivalry between Austrian racer Niki Lauda (to be played by German actor Daniel Bruhl) and British racer James Hunt (Aussie actor and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth). The two were fierce rivals in the 70s, and when Lauda was in an accident during a race that nearly killed him, he was back on the track within 6 weeks to face his competitor. Miller apparently left Hunt for Burton - hence the cameo.

Shooting is scheduled to being shortly. And it's worth pointing out that when Howard last tackled a 70s set film we got the great Frost/Nixon. *puts fingers in ears as soon as someone mentions The Dilemma*