Ed Sheeran, the musical equivalent of a plain cheese sandwich, is apparently readying himself to make the plunge into the world of film.

Although Sheeran offered - though nobody asked him - to write a Bond song, it seems now Sheeran is more keen to be seen on screen rather than heard.

The ginger-haired songwriter was at the Berlin International Film Festival yesterday to help promote Songwriter, which is a sort of fly-on-the-wall documentary about Sheeran's tours and creative process. At the premiere's press junket, Sheeran said that he wants to make "one movie in my lifetime... Well, I’ll aim to make one and if it’s good, then I’ll make another one. If it’s sh*t..."

Sheeran, as you probably know, had one of the most bizarre cameos in modern television history when he turned up in Westeros of all places for HBO's Game of Thrones. The same year, he also had a short scene in Bridget Jones's Baby where he played himself. However, it seems that Sheeran has now contracted the dreaded acting bug and, sadly, the diagnosis is terminal as he says he's working on a film and even has the soundtrack written.

Details on said project were light, however Sheeran said that he has "a great director" ready to work and that the film will be based around an album he's written.

What fun.


Via Deadline