Oh God help us all, a Towie movie, anyone? An hour and a half of Amy Childs saying 'innit'? A whole movie expanded from this 1.29 minute clip below?

Well that's what Miss Childs wants; the movie version of The Only Way Is Essex movie alongside Mark Wright, Kirk Norcross and Harry Derbidge who apparently also left the show. Apologies, I'm hazy on the details. Losing brain cells upon watching such shows would never be condusive with running a busy cinema section.

Digital Spy report that the glamour star with her own line of hair diamonds (and the award for most futile accessory ever goes to...) has given her backing to a feature length version of the ITV2 reality show. Last week, current cast member Gemma Collins also supported this idea saying that it's "gonna happen" some time in the near future.

Childs shared her thoughts via her New column: "Apparently they'd want some of the original cast members to be in it... I must admit, some of the people I still talk to on the show have mentioned this to me, so it looks likely that a film will happen in the not-so-distant future... No-one's asked me to be in it but I'd definitely say yes if they did. I think it'd be brilliant for the film to have all the original cast – me, Kirk Norcross, Harry Derbidge and Mark Wright." Wow, perhaps I've misjudged her; I did not expect her to use big words like 'apparently' and 'original'. With a way with words like Amy's, maybe she should pen the script?