You can't keep a good thing, folks. You can't even keep a bad thing, either.

Sharknado 3 premiered on US channel SyFy last night to a massive response online, but now it seems it's not the end of shark-related weather systems and the films based around them.

For those that haven't watched Sharknado 3, be warned because there's spoilers ahead.

At the end of the third film, it's understood Tara Reid's character was left on a blatant cliffhanger - basically, whether she lives or dies.

What makes this even more hilarious is the fact that SyFy is now giving people the chance to decide whether her characters lives or dies. That's the world we're living in now, people - crowd-sourced screenwriting.

It's understood that SyFy are looking to have Sharknado 4 on screens for this time next year and the eventual fate of Tara Reid's character decided before then.

Our main concern is the fate of Jedward and David Hasselhoff. We haven't seen Sharkando 3 (hint, SyFy, send us a screener and stuff) so we're not sure what's happening - but we'd like to see Lt. Mitch Buchanan and Jedward hanging out more.

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