Considering how hugely successful was, are you remotely surprised by any of this?

The film managed to make over $800 million so far, is far and away the biggest movie commercially that Dwayne Johnson's ever been part of, and this was all done around the same time as The Last Jedi - so, quite honestly, it's more shocking that it's taken this long to announce it. Deadline reports that Scott Rosenberg and Pinkner have been lined up to return as writers for the sequel with a view to Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan returning also.

On top of that, director Jake Kasdan - who came up with the idea with Rosenberg and Pinkner - is also expected to return as well. Although there's no release date confirmed as of yet, the likelihood is that the next Jumanji sequel will aim for a Christmas 2019 / 2020 release date.

So, the question is, do people actually want another Jumanji movie? Or was the success of the latest one just a fluke, buoyed by the sharp reaction to The Last Jedi?


Via Deadline