There are some clubs you just don’t talk about, and we all know what we are getting at here. But ODEON cinemas have us too excited about two upcoming screenings that we are going to have to break rules 1 & 2. Sorry Tyler.

ODEON Cinemas are bringing back 'Fight Club' and 'The Breakfast Club' to the silver screen this September & October. These two films are absolute staples to most people’s top 10 film list and what better way to enjoy them than on the big screen. Here is everything you need to know about both these clubs.

From Project Mayhem to Saturday detentions, you won’t want to miss these movies at ODEON. Nostalgia screenings tend to sell out quick and with tickets only €5 you are going to want to pick them up fast! Tickets are on sale now over at

In the unlikely event any of your friends or family haven’t seen any of these gems, you will have to bring them with you, so you can mercilessly quote the films back to them.

'The Breakfast Club' will screen on the 24th of September and 'Fight Club' on the 1st of October.

For more information on both films, click here for 'Fight Club', and here for 'The Breakfast Club'.