Considering the gigantic success that Deadpool was, this is the most non-story you're likely to read today.

It was announced late yesterday evening that Deadpool 2 is officially a go with both Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller signed on to return for their respective roles. As well as this, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick - who also wrote Zombieland and, uh, GI: Joe Retaliation, are all signed up to write the follow-up.

For those that stayed in their seats, they'll know that Deadpool, whilst aping Ferris Bueller's Day Off, commented that the next film will see the introduction of Cable. For those who don't know who Cable is, you don't really need to worry. According to whatever canon you follow, Cable is the adult son of Cyclops. Of course, that can't really work because... well, it can't.

He's supposed to be a time-traveller, but honestly, trying to force time-travel into Deadpool is going to really be a head-trip and the film was crazed enough as it was. There's every possibility that Cable was thrown in at the end credits to keep nerds all worked up, as it's unlikely that a firm script or idea was worked out at that stage.

That being said, a few actors have already started publicly campaigning for the role - including Stephen Laing, who took to Twitter to give his own take on the whole thing. Our best guess? Mel Gibson.

He's currently directing Hacksaw Ridge and, not only that, one of Deadpool's producers, Lauren Shuler Donner, has a connection to Mel Gibson via her husband, Richard Donner. Who wouldn't want to see Mel Gibson in an R-rated comic-book film about a regenerating Canadian ninja who enjoys pegging?



Via Variety