Sony's latest woes about the hack that's rocking Hollywood may have eased a little - a nuclear power wasn't involved.

North Korea's National Defence Commission stated on state-run TV that "the hacking into the Sony Pictures might be a righteous deed of the supporters and sympathizers with the (North) in response to its appeal."

They went on, denying involvement in the cyber-attack and claiming "the righteous reaction will get stronger to smash the evil doings."

This comes on foot of a statement released by the hackers, who call themselves the Guardians of Peace. The statement states that there will be more attacks on other studios if their demands are not met.

Meanwhile, the fall-out continues from Sony's hacking, as confidential files leaked onto the Internet showed the studio's financial state and what it thought of some of its biggest stars.

Or, specifically, Adam Sandler.

In one of the files released in the hack, an internal memo describe Sandler's films as having "no more value."

Sick burn, you guys.


via Variety