Chris Nolan is reportedly seriously "mulling" about directing another Batman film, as he works on his latest Sci-Fi epic Inception. The web is abuzz this morning with quotes from a source, who basically says that Nolan was "rocked" by the death of Heath Ledger, who was due to appear in a sequel as The Joker at least once more, before his untimely demise. There are also rumours that this is merely Nolan playing hard ball with the studio, after he made Warner's well over a billion dollars when The Dark Knight hit pay dirt last summer. Even if Nolan does come back, it's unlikely that we'll see a sequel before 2012 - at the earliest. But if he doesn't, then who is best suited for the job? Stylistically it has to be Michael Mann, as Nolan borrowed certain elements of his aesthetic coolness for 'Knight'. Can't see him directing, though. Fincher? Aronofsky?