Yes, apparently it was all a mix-up and everything's right as rain again.

Mad Max: Fury Road was our Film of 2015 so we're pretty happy about all of this. George Miller clarified his earlier statements about the fate of Mad Max, claiming that the original quote he gave was incorrect and taken up wrong by the journalist.

"That was a completely garbled interview. I was in New York and it was so noisy and the journalist was asking me questions on a red carpet at the National Board of Review. She completely got the wrong fragments of information that were just not true. I said no, [another ‘Mad Max’ movie] will not be next, and she took that to mean I never wanted to make another ‘Mad Max.’ It won’t necessarily be next, but I have two more stories."

Miller has said that he'd like an easier, less complex shoot for the next Mad Max film which is completely understandable. Set reports indicate that Mad Max: Fury Road was an incredibly difficult shoot for just about everyone involved, but look what came at the other end. What's more, he was pretty open about the fact that he had a sequel in mind for Mad Max: Fury Road so why he all of a sudden decided against it just didn't add up.

That being said, looking back at Fury Road, if Miller did decide to leave it there, it would have be a perfectly scripted ending. That might have been his plan all along, especially if the film didn't perform as well as he expected.

No release date has been set, but here's hoping it'll be in the near future so we can all ride shiny and chrome to Valhalla again.