Reshoots in movie productions are pretty common.

Audience testing is such that if a scene or an ending doesn't work, movie studios will very often reshoot and rewrite the offending scenes and try again. Other times, directors aren't happy with how a scene fits in with an edit, and opt to reshoot rather than leave it in the final cut.

Why are we bringing this up, you ask? It's been reported by The Sun that a number of scenes in 'No Time To Die' will need to be reshot - not because of the edit, or even audience testing - but because of product placement issues. Yes, really.

Since 'Casino Royale', product placement has been very much a part of Bond and there's been some pretty egregious examples of it along the way. For example, Ford had a number of product placements in 'Quantum of Solace', while 'Skyfall' had some very prominently placed bottles of Heineken everywhere.

'No Time To Die' moved back its release date from April 2021 to October 2021, but the resulting change means that certain products featured in the movie will be "dated" by the time it's released. After all, the movie has been delayed for almost two years now, thanks to the pandemic.

While the specific products haven't yet been confirmed, pointed out that the Nokia 8.3 5G Phone - which was the subject of a very, very cringey product ad featuring Lashana Lynch - features in the movie, but is now on the market and has been since October of last year. Had the movie been released when it was originally slated - all the way back in April 2020 - it would have been a cutting-edge phone, and the first of its kind on screen. Now, however, it's a phone that's been on the market for several months and could no longer be considered cutting-edge.

It seems unlikely that the most recent delay to 'No Time To Die' was caused by these reshoots, as the reality is that cinemas are currently closed pretty much everywhere and will remain so for at least another three months - if not longer.