The news that the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey movie was even going to be shown in Vietnam is reported to have sent the country into a frenzy, with national newspapers speculating just how much screen time would be given to those raunchy (do people still say raunchy?) sex scenes.

Well the answer is a big fat zero - all sex scenes were removed from the movie prior to its premiere in Vietnam, with just a few kisses thrown in. What's left after that? A bit of a spin in a plane and some awkward/annoying lip biting?

Audiences were not happy with the blatant editing too, with one viewer telling The Independent; "Everyone was shouting and complaining at each scene that followed an obvious cut. They should have had a notice to say it had been edited. No one knew what was going on [in the story], especially if they had no idea about what BDSM is, or if they hadn't read the book."

The strict censorship laws in Vietnam mean that nothing can be shown with an "image, sound, dialogue or scripts which are obscene, depraved, incestuous or contrary to national fine customs and traditions".

So looks like it's NO Shades of Grey for the good folk of Vietnam, sounds a bit like how Ireland was with censorship back in the day. They should really take a leaf out of our book and embrace the change, didn't we turn out alright? Right...??