He wowed us all with his renditions of 'In the Air Tonight' in The Hangover and 'One Night in Bangkok' in The Hangover 2 but Mike Tyson will not, we repeat, will NOT be giving us one more 'choon' in The Hangover 3.

Tyson joined Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis in director Todd Phillips's first two films and his cameos were credited with kicking his career back into gear. The Hangover 3's plot has been kept tightly under wraps but we do know that there's no wedding or stag do this time around. The Wolfpack are hitting the road but Tyson told TMZ that he will definitely not be going with them.

We suppose cameos are all well and good until you get your own one man show! The Hangover Part 3 is set to hit cinemas in May 2013.