We always thought "fake news" was mostly surrounding hard, political news and the like - but now it seems that it's slipped into film journalism.

A rumour surfaced the other night - which was traced by to one Trump-supporting Star Wars fan - that Rogue One's reshoots included a reference to Donald Trump being a Nazi. The Trump supporter, named Jack Posobiec, tried to spin a story that the writers of Rogue One called the President-elect "a Nazi" during an interview and that the film was anti-Trump.


The film literally opens with "A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...", so how the actual f*** can it be about a fat racist who's been elected President? Anyway, the tweets began to pick up a bit of traction, as screenwriter Chris Weitz responded to the story when posed to him by Trump supporters.


It's true, Weitz has been open about his distaste for Donald Trump and was quite vocal during the election cycle, so it's no surprise that this fake news crap is circling Rogue One. Disney have, of course, said that the story is completely false and that the reshoots had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump.


But hey, we're talking about it and discrediting and that's exactly what these freaks want. Weitz has responded to the story and Posobiec's claims, calling him a liar.


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