Climate change and the impending doom from it is no laughing matter.

Indeed, many believe that the planet is slowly dying from the modern age and that within less than 150 years, we will begin to see long-term, irreparable damage take hold. So, what are we going to do about it? Nicolas Cage is going to sort it out once and for all with a film about climate change, according to a report by The Guardian.

Yes, Cage is due to star in The Humanity Bureau, a new film set for release in 2017 that sees a world devastated by climate disaster and humanity has banished those deemed to be unproductive or unhelpful to the greater good to a desolate colony known as New Eden. Wow, you can literally see the cliches all the way from here. The title comes from the bureau in charge of depositing said people in desolate colony; Cage plays a caseworker who's appealing the exile of a single mother and her child.

So, when can we expect to see this genre-defining dystopian sci-fi film in the local cinema? Hah, good one. Most likely this'll end up on Netflix with one star that you'll accidentally flick on by accident and leave on while you wonder what happened to Nicolas Cage.

No, really, what happened to Nicolas Cage. It can't all be about the tax bill, right? Who knows.


Via The Guardian