There's been endless debate as to whether or not Nicolas Cage is a good actor, or if he's the kind of guy who just isn't afraid to make bold choices.

You look at movies like 'Mandy' where he's going full-tilt and it's utterly compelling. In the same breath, you look at something like 'The Humanity Bureau' or 'Left Behind' and know that it's... well, not the same.

However, a clip has gone viral on Twitter over the past two days that could very well leave all these things behind. It's a one-minute cameo of Nicolas Cage in a little-known, straight-to-video movie called 'Never On Tuesday'.

Here is that clip. Again, to reiterate what's in the tweet, this is the entirety of Cage's performance in the movie, and it features him wearing a rubber nose.

So, while you might be thinking that this is some kind of weird, arthouse movie or some kind of directorial vision, the reality is much weirder. According to the director of the movie, Adam Rifkin, this was all Nicolas Cage's doing.

In a lengthy interview with EW, Rifkin explained that the cameo was one of several well-known faces in the movie, such as Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson and - of course - Nicolas Cage. The caveat, according to Rifkin, was that Cage could do anything he wanted on screen.


"That was the caveat," Rifkin explained. "He said he’d do it if he could do whatever he wanted. So, he came, with a big rubber nose, that he wanted applied, and he wanted to play this insane character, which we thought was hilarious."

To be fair, it is hilarious and weird and exactly the kind of thing that you'd expect Nicolas Cage to do, so really, it all makes sense when you think of it like that.