Nicolas Cage, all credit to him, is no stranger to taking risks in his career.

He's done everything from blockbusters to indie thrillers to unintentional comedies to romantic comedies to now... virtual reality movies. Low-budget virtual reality movies, to be precise. With the sort of dialogue you'd expect from a Neil Breen film.

Cage plays Noah Kross, an agent of the Humanity Bureau's whose job entails him interviewing people to see if they're being productive and presumably killing them if not. Those who are productive get sent to New Eden, those who aren't are left to die in the irradiated wastelands of America.

Wait a minute, Noah - Noah's Ark - that's... that's clever. Cough.

So, here's the trailer.

(Un)fortunately - delete as necessary - this film won't be turning up in cinemas any time soon. Instead, the film is now available solely through Oculus Rift VR, and is described as a "custom themed multi format movie experience app" where you'll be "teleported and immersed into the exclusive The Humanity Bureau VR movie lounge to enjoy rich selection of content."

Right so. If you've got a Oculus headset and you've watched this, please let us know if it's worth investing in because there's isn't nearly enough Nicolas Cage VR content out there in the world.


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