There's always a sneaking suspicion that Nicolas Cage is aware of what the Internet thinks of him - and, more pointedly, that he's in on the joke.

Alamo Drafthouse in Austin is known for its odd cinema programming, hosting one-off events and weird film festivals and the like, but it doesn't get much weirder than CAGED - their annual film festival saluting all things Nicolas Cage.

Simply put, it's a festival of Nicolas Cage films that's been running for four years now - and this year featured a little surprise in the form of the One True God, Nicolas Cage.

In fact, Cage even graced the attending audience with a reading of one of his favourite poems, Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart. He even took part in a 47-minute Q&A session with the audience and sat through four of his own films, including Bangkok Dangerous (complete muck) and Joe (actually sort of brilliant).

Cage even selected one of the films, Lord Of War, for the programme - which, to be honest, is a great film. Here's his reading of The Tell-Tale Heart to a packed audience because why not.


Via YouTube