Nicholas Hoult started out as a little boy in a hat with unfortunate eyebrows, before going on to play a Beast and is soon set to climb that oh so infamous beanstalk, but not before he does an R-Patz and plays an undead heart throb.

His next big screen outing sees him take on the role of R, a zombie who falls head over heels for his victim's other half and is quite content for her to keep her brain. Sure lads, aren't brains and beauty the ultimate combo? Anyway, love, as Andrew Lloyd Webber once wrote, changes everything and it just so happens that when these two hook up, there's hope for humanity. But yer wan's da isn't too keen on her dead beat boyfriend and would rather blow him up than have him over for dinner.

Five fab new posters for the film dropped today (check 'em out below) and from the slogans brandished across them, we're willing to guess there's be plenty of laughs in this one. Warm Bodies opens Stateside on February 1st but it hits Irish cinemas on February 8th.