Could Nicholas Hoult, the half dead Zombie in Warm Bodies and the former child actor with weird eyebrows (About A Boy), one day play the world's most famous secret agent?

He'd sure like to. Asked by Shortlist if he would ever like to play James Bond, Hoult didn't hesitate to express his interest, explaining that he'd gotten a taste for the glamour after experiencing the cut of a decent Tom Ford suit whilst filming A Single Man: "I've wangled a few free suits from him [laughs]. His are the best you can get. My advice to any man is just to own one. You slip into a Tom Ford suit and feel like James Bond... I grew up watching James Bond films and loved them, so if that opportunity ever came up in five or ten years I'd love it.

Well you can't ever hope to replace Daniel Craig without accepting that at some point or another, you're going to have to whip off your top and give us some muscle. Sadly, he's not too keen on that idea: "I'm not sure about that one yet... When I was on Skins I had to show a little flesh. It wasn't that difficult, but going to work and taking your clothes off with people standing around looking at you is very odd."

For now though, this is what we can expect from young Nicholas: "I'm about to start on an independent film called The Young Ones with Michael Shannon and Elle Fanning. It's a three-part revenge story, which should be cool."

Good enough for us!

Can you ever imagine Nicholas as James Bond?