A new image from Matt Damon and Michael Douglas' latest movie has surfaced. Gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly, Steven Soderbergh's movie - Behind the Candleabra - will air on HBO. As for why it won't be getting a major cinematic release? Well unfortunately, Soderbergh struggled to get it funded as it was 'too gay', which in 2013, is the most disappointing and ridiculous thing we've ever read. What's 'too gay' about it? Who makes these decisions? Commenting on the explicit nature of the film, Matt Damon has said he filmed numerous 'tasteful' nude scenes with Douglas. He also went on to describe Douglas as 'a wonderful kisser'. Lucky Catherine Zeta-Jones, eh?

Helmed by the Side Effects director from a book by Thorson, the biopic is said to focus more so on the latter years of Liberace's life as he struggled not only with his health but also with the rife rumours circulating about his sexuality. What's more, it details the legal difficulties between the pair as Thorson sued Liberace for palimony in 1982. Thorson was just 17 when he met Liberace.

Joining Douglas and Damon for the flick will be Dan Akroyd who plays Liberace's long term manager, Rob Lowe and Debbie Reynolds who stars as his mother.