Much like Love Actually and Valentine's Day, director Kirk Jones' baby book adaptation What to Expect When You're Expecting seems to add a new Hollywood A-lister to it's sprog every day.  Now Collider has reported that comedian Chris Rock and Up in The Air star Anna Kendrick have just signed on. The join a cast that already includes Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Isla Fischer and Brooklyn Decker. And I'm guessing these aren't the only celeb names we'll be hearing of getting in on the action.

Similar in plot to Love Actually, this movie will follow six expectant couples through the ups, downs, laughs, tears and morning peuks of pregnancy. Lionsgate announced that Kendrick will play a woman who reunites with an old flame following a turf war between their food trucks. Odd, but interesting. While Chris Rock, acccording to Deadline, will play the sure to be hilarious leader of a group of expectant fathers who "lectures them on what it's really like to have a baby and become a father." What to Expect When You’re Expecting's due date is May 11th 2012.