We're always pleased and proud to promote home-produced films on entertainment.ie. And what's not to be proud of; we've long been known for our rich cinematic heritage, producing memorable films that travel far and wide. With the latest production from brand new Irish distrubtors - Wildcard Distributions - here's hoping King of the Travellers is no different.

Opening in Irish cinemas on April 19th, from brand new local company Wildcard Distributions, the film received its world premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh and is directed by Mark O'Connor, who made the critically acclaimed Irish feature film Between The Canals. King of the Travellers stars friend of entertainment.ie Peter Coonan (Love/Hate), Michael Collins (Man About Dog), newcomer John Connors, and non-actors from the travelling community. The film features music from singer/songwriter Damien Dempsey.

King of the Travellers follows John Paul Moorehouse (John Connors) on his destructive quest to uncover the truth about the killer of his father 12 years ago. John Paul's desire for revenge is swayed as he falls for Winnie Power, the daughter of the man he suspects killed his father. John Paul must now battle between his consuming passion for justice versus his desire to be with the woman he loves.

Mark O’Connor, director of King of the Travellers commented "We made a film which I hope is entertaining for audiences, as well as being of cultural importance to the traveller community. It was a big risk casting traveller non-actors in the film, but I felt it was necessary to give the film real authenticity. It’s very exciting to be able to showcase the film to the Irish public in cinemas."

Take a look at the clip below and see what you think.