If there's one guy you do NOT want to piss off, it's The Wolverine. AKA Logan, AKA Hugh Jackman, AKA one of the most attractive and talented men in movies, AKA OK, I'll shut up now.

In the latest poster to come from The Wolverine, Logan's not a bit happy. One poster shows Logan going head to head against an army of darkly clothed ninjas - doesn't matter how many of them there are, they'll be no match for Hugh - while the other shows him losing his shit against a rather grim looking Tokyo skyline.

As for the plot of The Wolverine? Well things pick up here pretty much straight after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand. Logan heads off to Japan in search of a more peaceful life, far removed from those he once worked in tandem with. Once there, a local girl piques his interest. However, as it happens, she's the daughter of a very dangerous leader of the Yakuza crime gang. All kinds of crazy ass-kicking stuff then ensues.

Hitting cinemas in July 2013, will you be off to see The Wolverine show all other clawed folk how it's done? One thing's for sure, he's looking fairly well. Pics from comingsoon.net