In other casting news, Aaron Eckhart (who - spoiler alert - I just can't look at anymore without thinking of his Two-Face face in The Dar Knight) has been summoned to play an exorcist in a new horror called Incarnate. In a more interesting story than the usual demonic possession fare, here (at least in the first installment) Eckhart finds himself with a 9 year old kid whose demon relates to Eckhart's character's own past. Intriguing.

On the back of Insidious 2's huge earnings (it took in 8 times its budget on opening weekend in the US) producer Jason Blum's going hell for leather on his next big franchise. Incarnate will be just that. Deadline reveal that it will go into production this November with Brad Peyton at the helm.

Eckhart has just finished promoting Olympus Has Fallen and between that and his exorcism antics, he'll next be starring in I, Frankenstein.