Look. Back in the day we all loved an Adam Sandler movie. Happy Gilmore? Fantastic! Big Daddy? Adorable! But it needs to stop. Now.

However, thanks to Netflix, it won't anytime soon because they keep on giving the dude money to make more. Sandler has a multi-film deal with the streaming service, and has so far released two movies (The Ridiculous Six and The Do-Over) with another one on the way called 'Sandy Wexler', which will see Jennifer Hudson co-star.

Why are you doing this to the world, Netflix? Why?

Well Netflix boss Ted Sarandos had the answer for The Hollywood Reporter in a recent round-table interview: It's because he makes them a SHED LOAD OF CASH.

"The two Adam Sandler movies premiered at No. 1 in every single territory of Netflix around the world," he said.

"The Do-Over is still in the top 10 in nearly all of them. It's been a hugely successful deal, and he's got another one called Sandy [Wexler]."

The Ridiculous Six is also the most watched movie ever on the streaming service, so yep, we are clearly missing a trick when it comes to Adam Sandler.

He'll run for President next.