Netflix movies have been a bit hit and miss ever since the streaming service decided to do their own original flicks, however, things are on the up with a new Will Smith blockbuster on the horizon ('Bright') as well as Brad Pitt's 'War Machine'. Not only that, but Netflix have announced an impressive 30 original films this year, and they have also hired renowned producer and former Universal executive Scott Stuber to run its movie business.

Stuber has produced box office hits like 'Ted', 'The Breakup', and 'Identity Thief'. Netflix head Ted Sarandos said in a statement: "Scott is well known and respected in the film industry. His innovative work and strong talent relationships should help accelerate the Netflix original film initiative as we enter into a new phase of big global productions with some of the greatest directors, actors and writers in the film business."

Considering how much Netflix has changed how we watch TV, it would seem that this new investment may rattle things quite a bit for theatres and the movie business in general. A good barometer will be this Will Smith movie 'Bright', which Netflix has invested $90 million in, whether that will pay off we'll just have to wait and see. 'Bright' will be released on the streaming service in December of this year.