District 9 was, by far, one of the most exciting and innovative sci-fi films of the past ten years and helped to launch Neill Blomkamp's career as a director.

Despite the fact that the film leaves it wide open for a sequel - and even gives a timeframe for when it could happen - there hasn't been any sign on the horizon of District 10 happening. However, there's been a recent glimmer of hope. In an AMA (that's Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, Blomkamp was asked about the status of the film and he had a pretty honest answer for everyone.

"ok, so with district 10 the basic answer is yes. I want to go back to that world and tell rest of the story with wikus and christopher. the issue right now is that I have many other projects and ideas that I also want to work on and complete..... and most importantly, the exact right REASON to make district 10 needs be very clear. the first film was based so explicitly on real themes and topics from south africa that effected me greatly growing up there, that we need to make sure the next film does not forget that."

To be fair to Blomkamp, that's a damn good reason to hold off on making District 10. Both Elysium and Chappie were somewhat regarded as marmite by audiences, so it's only right that Blomkamp takes his time to do what he feels is right for his project. Not only that, Blomkamp has his hands full at the minute getting OATS STUDIOS off the ground and to a point where it's actually viable.

Currently, Blomkamp is self-financing the whole thing and he's spoken before about how OATS works. In an interview with Inverse, Blomkamp explained the logic behind the idea. "The goal was that we needed to make some form of a strange, independent studio that can put ideas out into the web, and if one, or two, or ten, or twenty percent of the ideas are successful with the online audience, we can turn those into proper feature films, recoup enough money to make Volume 2, and keep going forward," said Blomkamp.

You can watch all of the shorts made so far for OATS STUDIOS on YouTube for free right now.


Via Reddit