When we heard the news about this, we really did scratch our heads.

Need For Speed, the paltry, badly-directed, poorly-acted adaptation of a half-decent videogame, is getting a sequel? Why?

It's not like the first one did any kind of serious box-office business and it wasn't even that good to WARRANT a sequel.

So again, we ask - why?

It may have something to do with the huge money it made in China. Of a $200 million box-office take, $60 million of that came from China.

Chinese movie houses 1905.com, Jiaflix and China Movie Channel are teaming with EA for a co-production of the film, with many Chinese actors expected to star.

It's not known if Aaron Paul is expected to return, although we'd speculate he signed on for a sequel when he inked the deal for the first one.

And look - we love Aaron Paul. We really do. But he was TERRIBLE in the first one, so again - why? Why inflict this on the world?


Via THR.com