The A-Team movie has officially been moved onto the fast track, as 20th Century Fox have assembled a stellar creative team to bring the popular 80's series to the big screen. Narc and Smokin' Aces director Joe Carnahan will direct the film, and rewrite a draft from Skip Woods; while Ridley and Tony Scott will oversee creative aspects of the production as producers. This is fantastic news for fans of the original series. Shaft director John Singleton had originally been set to helm, but bounced due to creative differences. Carnahan is a fantastic director, and has already shown he can handle action extremely well with Smokin' Aces. Now, talk will turn to who may be cast in the film, with Ryan Reynolds' name already being mooted for Face, while former UFC champion Rampage Jackson is being linked with the role of BA Baracus. Before I could’ve cared less about this, now I can't wait until the summer of 2010 for its release. Casting should be confirmed shortly, with lensing to go ahead in June of this year.