Suffice to say Adele's Skyfall theme went down rather well with the majority of people seeming to have enjoyed the tune, especially when hearing it when it's meant to be heard - at the beginning of the film itself, with all the deadly visuals. It's unlikely that any newcomers to the hall of fame of Bond theme tunes could ever top what's gone before, Shirley Bassey's efforts being one of the best, but that won't hamper other people giving it a bash. What's also considered one of the hottest jobs on the Bond franchise, is the task of scoring the movie. Composing legend Thomas Newman did a stellar job with Skyfall - he's such a pro, having worked on everything from Wall E to The Shawshank Redemption - but who ever could be next? N-Dubz's Fazer, if he's lucky.

The British rapper has expressed his interest in composing music for future Bonds."For my future I'd love to go into doing movie scores, 007 all of that," he told the Daily Star.

Could someone like Fazer bring something new to the franchise? Or is this just the terrible brainchild of an overly confident artist wanting to stick his fingers in as many coveted pies as possible? Could you ever imagine 007 kicking ass to a backdrop of urban rhythms and drum & bass? Nah, neither would we.