If you haven't yet experienced 'Uncut Gems', you should probably stop reading this and go watch it because A) it's a great movie, and B) this joke won't make sense.

Then again, maybe it will? After all, who doesn't love the Muppets, and who doesn't love the idea of smashing them up with fast-talking, panic-inducing thrillers that accurately show the high of gambling from a non-judgmental standpoint? That's just garden variety content, right there.

This video, which originally circulated on Reddit and then made its way to Twitter, sees the famous "Let's bet on this!" scene from 'Uncut Gems', originally between Adam Sandler and Ken Garnett, played out by Fozzie Bear and Kermit The Frog.

In this Muppet-centric version, it's Kermit as Howard Ratner while Fozzie plays Garnett - and, surprisingly, it works. It absolutely works because you can easily believe that Kermit could play a frantic gambling addict muppet who's trying to will success into the room with Fozzie.

Christ, there was probably an episode of 'Muppets Tonight' about it at one point. Didn't they lose the theatre in one episode and they had to try and go on tour to get it back? Who's to say that Kermit or Gonzo didn't lose it all at the track? See, this makes total sense.

Here's the video.