Well it's that time of week folks; The Movie Show is now LIVE! HURRAH!

If you're fan LCD Soundsystem you'll particularly enjoy this week's show. If you're not, you'll learn an awful lot about them and probably turn into a fan anyway; that's what happened to me. Filming from an exclusive screening at the Lighthosue cinema, this week I was joined by entertainment.ie's resident music editor John Balfe to review the documentary - Shut Up And Play The Hits. We also had the pleasure of catching up with some of the very excited guests to find out what they were expecting from the documentary and how emotional they were when the band decided to split. What's more, we take a look at Brad Pitt gangster flick Killing Them Softly which was our trailer of the week and if that wasn't enough, we're giving away a bunch of LCD Soundsystem goodies too. Sound good? Yes, we think so too.